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Best Rifle Scopes

There are many people that will try and tell you which is the best rifle scope but although they may know which the best is for them, they cannot know which the best is for you. Only you know exactly what you will use your scope for and when you will use it and so only you will know which the best is for you. As there are so many rifle scopes about today though, deciding which one is the best for you could take some time. However, as Nikon have long been known for producing quality optics, you can always start by looking at some useful nikon rifle scopes reviews as you may well find what you are looking for there. Among the Nikon selection of rifle scopes is the Nikon ProStaff 4-12 x 40 Riflescope which is very popular. Although this scope provides quality and a reliable accuracy, probably its most popular feature is its price. Costing only $220 this scope has surprising accuracy over long distances even though it may not be so accurate with the shorter distances.

Equally surprising about this particular scope is the fact that despite its price, it still has some features usually only available on much higher priced scopes. One of these features is the glass which has multiple coatings to allow for clear imaging under some extreme conditions such as rain, snow and fog and can still provide clear images even in poor light. Another particularly good feature is its eye piece which is not just easy to use but also allows for swift acquisition of targets. Although this Nikon scope may not have the latest technology in thermal imaging that the Newcon Optik 75mm, 384×288 Thermal Rifle Scope has but neither does it have its price tag of over $17,000. Nor does it have the mini joy stick for slight adjustments to targeting like the FLIR Systems T75 ThermoSight Scope does but that scopes price is $16,900.

There are many good quality scopes available today from many different manufacturers and so the most expensive may not always be the best scope for how you intend to use it, so hop around and look at as many different reviews as possible before deciding which to buy, as there will always be one that suits your type of use as well as your budget. It is perhaps worth remembering that a less accurate scope with good compatible quality mounting, may give better results than a more accurate scope that is poorly mounted. This means that although you may not want to buy the most expensive scope, you should always buy the best mounting for whichever scope you do choose as by doing so, you should always get good results. If you are a hunter it is advisable to buy your scope 6 months before a big hunt as familiarity with using your rifle with the scope you have chosen, is essential for getting the best results from a hunt.