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Choosing a Painter

When it is time to repaint your house, many people opt to get a professional painter to do it instead of taking the risk of falling for one of the many problems home owners experience painting their homes themselves. The problem some people have though, is deciding which painter to hire. One of the best ways to decide is by going online and checking reviews for house painters in your area. For instance, if you live in Brisbane Australia, just type in house painters Brisbane and then look for any reviews. Once you have read several reviews you should then have an idea as to which house painter is reliable.

A professional house painter will be too experience to make the mistakes that many DIY painters make and so they will finish painting your house, to a high standard, in a far shorter time than you could have if you had chosen to paint it yourself. One mistake you could make, even though you hired a professional painter, is to buy the wrong colour paint. Most people will choose the colour paint they want from a chart in the paint shop but not always does that chart truly reflect what the colour will look like on your walls. If you are buying the paint, before you buy the amount you think you will need, ask the shop to provide you with a sample you can put on your wall to really see how it will look. If you hire a professional painter, ask him to place a sample on a wall before you decide on the final colour.

A professional will avoid making other mistakes because they will be experienced enough to know that any pets need to be kept far away from the painting. They also know that blistering of paint may occur if they do not leave one coat long enough to properly dry. In their hurry to finish the job, many home owners that opt to paint their house on their own, do not leave a coat of paint long enough to dry properly before applying the next coat and it is this that causes the paint to blister.

Once a layer of paint does start to blister, it may not only be that coat that needs to be repainted but it could also be the coats below it. The professional painter will not leave paint marks on the ceiling whilst painting the walls but many DIY painters do and those paint marks can take some real work to make them not show. Another mistake that DIY painters experience which professionals don’t, is allowing the roller to touch a carpet. As any carpet can have dirt or drains on it that could transfer to the roller, once the roller has touched a carpet, it all too often leaves streaks on the walls. These streaks can also take some very serious work to eliminate. The choice is obviously yours but painting a house yourself can be more expensive than you may think.