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Cutting Mat And Its Durability

You may be looking for the best cutting mat to use in your project or work, yet you don’t know exactly which type of cutting mat you are going to buy. Well, the kind of cutting mat that you should buy should depend on what type of project you are going to engage in. There are basically two types of cutting mats: the hard-surface one and the self-healing type. The hard surface cutting mat obviously has a very rigid hard surface on which you can do all your cutting projects without necessarily damaging the blades of your cutter. The blades usually skim over the surface of the mat without inflicting any damage on it. On the other hand, the self-healing cutting mat is a modern type of cutting mat that is a product of the latest studies on self-healing materials. You can easily perform your cutting projects on these self-healing cutting mats without even causing any major cut or dent on the surface of the mats. Even if the mats incur some cuts and nicks, you can be very sure that the mats will naturally heal themselves. The materials used to make self-healing mats belong to the kinds of materials which we usually call “smart materials.” The obvious inspiration that led to the search for self-healing materials is the human skin and other materials in nature that readily heal when wounded or bruised.

Durability of Cutting Mats

Like every materials or tool that is constantly subjected to use, the cutting mats may eventually become worn out. Cutting mats are meant to last for several years. However, the durability of a cutting mat depends highly on how you use it and the materials out of which it is made. The rotary cutting mats, for example, may last for several years, and they are mainly used for specific purposes such as quilting. There are other cutting mats which are designed to last for a very long period, especially, those cutting mats that are used for industrial purposes. Yet, the length of usefulness of a cutting mat usually depends on factors such as the type of materials that make up a cutting mat, the kind of materials that you usually cut on your cutting mat, the cutting blade’s sharpness, the pressure you usually applied when cutting, and the manner by which you use the cutting mat. Say, for instance, you seldom rotate your cutting mat when you are working on it, and for this reason, only a certain part of the cutting mat is subject to frequent cuts and chips. This part of the cutting mat will surely exhibit early wearing out than its other parts. Likewise, the kind of tools that you use in cutting may also determine the longevity of the usefulness of your cutting mat. The tools that are advisable for use in cutting mats are the rotary cutters and straight knives. However, you should also ensure that your cutters have very sharp blades to facilitate the process of cutting.