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E-Cigarettes As Alternative To Cigarettes

In recent years, tobacco smoking has gradually become a bit unpopular due to its known concomitant health hazards. Medical findings have vouched to the fact that cigarette smoking has its associated ill effects on the human body. Moreover, there are scientific findings that categorically indicate that tobacco smoke has carcinogenic contents such as formaldehyde. Due to these findings, non-smokers alike are likely to be affected through secondhand smoke from burning cigarettes. It’s a good thing, however, that due to these findings, many governments around the world have started to assiduously campaign against cigarette smoking. And owing to this worldwide campaign against cigarette smoking, the e-cigarette had been devised as a viable alternative to tobacco smoking.

As the regulations and guidelines on the use of tobacco on public places become more stringent, the majority of smokers readily have shifted to the use of e-cigs as an alternative to cigarette smoking; and for this reason, it would be good to take a closer look at what e-cig has to offer.

Types of E-cigarettes

There are basically three types of vapes, also termed PV or personal vaporizers. First, there was the e-cig which was the first to appear in the market, and was followed later on by the vape pens. Afterwards, the mods or modified vaporizers were introduced into the market and gradually became popular. Since most people only have a vague idea of the differences in the types of e-cigarettes, confusion in terminologies among vapers and non-vapers alike readily arises. Let me give you a short overview of these different types to give you a clearer view of these differences.

The e-cigs or electronic cigarettes were the earliest types of vaporizers and were designed to look like a real cigarette. It is basically composed of a battery and a cartomizer. A cartomizer consists of a combination of an atomizer and a cartridge. On the one hand, the cartridge holds the flavored nicotine, while the atomizer is the device that vaporizes the flavored nicotine. The cartomizer of e-cig needs to be regularly replaced after every 300 puffs, while its batteries are rechargeable. However, there are some e-cig brands that are totally disposable.

The second PV type to appear in the market is the vape pens. Vape pens are slightly and considerably larger and more durable than the e-cigs. Most vape pens are made of three basic parts: the battery, the atomizer, and the tank, which can be readily refilled with nicotine liquid called the e-juice or e-liquid. Some vape pens are fitted with an intervening part called the e-go that is positioned between the atomizer and e-juice tank. The refillable tank and battery life between charging and replacement make the use of Vape pens more advantageous than that of the ordinary e-cigs.

The latest development of e-cig is what we call the Mods, which are said to be the most popular among the PV types, for it can produce more vapor. The mods are very similar to the vape pens with basically two innovations—the re-buildable atomizers and the separate battery that can be shared between mods. The re-buildable atomizers can be readily adjusted to produce large quantities of vapor, and thus, a larger tank is necessary for the Mods. Many aficionados of Vape prefer to choose Kanger tanks whenever they engage in vaping sessions.