Ellsen Gantries

Ellsen is one of the largest gantry manufacturers in the world and as such, provides gantries to many locations worldwide. One of the reasons for Ellsen’s popularity is that there is more than just one type of Ellsen Gantry Crane available; in fact there are several, divided into 2 categories; heavy lift and small lift. Between the 2 categories, Ellsen can provide gantries that are designed to lift as little as 1 ton or as much as 200 tons, on a variety of surfaces and in a variety of locations, under a variety of conditions. Although some gantries are designed to be fixed to the roof of a warehouse or other similar type of building, others are designed for use outside. Some gantries are mounted on rails in which case you can decide which kind of rails it will be mounted on whilst others have wheels. There are now some gantries which are designed for and fitted with rubber tires. The rubber tires allow the gantries to be operated on a multitude of different surfaces. Another more recent addition to their options of gantries are the truss gantries. A truss gantry has been developed and designed especially to operate in locations that experience strong winds. If you therefore operate a shipyard or port which is located on a particularly windy piece of coastline, a truss gantry should perhaps be the first gantry you look at. Although designed to operate in strong wind conditions, a truss gantry can still lift weights of up to 20 tons. The largest of the gantries that Ellsen offer is the cantilever gantry which is capable of lifting as much as 200 tons. The cantilever gantry gets its name from the 2 cantilevers that are incorporated in the bridge of the gantry. As the gantry is designed to lift such heavy weights, it are these cantilevers that reduce the stress that the les of the gantry would otherwise be under, making the gantry safe for continuous use lifting these weights. Also some gantries are designed to only operate in one location; the portable gantry is specifically designed to be used in multiple locations. The design of this gantry is such that it can easily be dis-assembled and then re-assembled in a new operating location.

The small lift gantries are of course, for the main part, portable and so can easily be used in more than just one location but perhaps why they are so popular is because they can easily be placed to one side when not in use. This makes them ideal additions to any auto mechanic workshop. Although there are certainly times when a mechanic shop can use a gantry, they are not required to be used all the time and so the ability to keep them out of the way until they are needed is a great benefit that combines practicality with convenience.

Regardless of what type of lifting task you have in mind, there should be an Ellsen gantry available that will match that task.