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Make Your Baby Smile With These Rather Expensive But Recommended Steiff Bears!

People differ in style and taste and sometimes, in class. In this case, if you are one of those who fancy elegance and expensive, then you have not been left behind in this. However, it would be good to start somewhere. It is true that there exist very expensive teddy bears on the market. Since its birth from “Drawing the line of Mississippi”, a cartoon by Clifford Berryman, the wonderfully-looking toy is currently an eye-opener for anyone keen on baby gifts. Published in 1902, this type of recommended steiff bears depicts Roosevelt, the US President who resisted the urge to shoot down a baby bear.

As a result, Morris Michtom, a Russian emigrant, was inspired to develop a toy bear. Currently, teddy bears are available in a wide range of designs and of course, with expensive price tags as well. Below are some of the most expensive teddy bears you can find in many of the stores.

Steiff’s Louis Vuitton Bear

This is the most expensive bear that retails at $2.1 million. To be precise, this is basically the dearest teddy bear in any given teddy bear auction history. Manufactured by Steiff, a Germany toy company, the toys bears the brand name of Louis Vuitton, a renowned fashion house.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Bear

Priced at $182,000, this expensive toy bears the Louis Vuitton brand name in its one and half century history. We are proud to have these most favourable bear for all its lovers.

Steiff’s diamond teddy bear

At the price of $84,000, you can get yourself yet another fabulous toy made by the Steiff Company in Germany. With a mouth made from pure gold, and fur made from golden threads, the diamond eyes teddy bear was designed for the 125th anniversary of the steiff company. What is more fascinating about this steiff teddy bear are the eyes – crafted from diamonds and sapphires. There exist only 125 of these and all are priced at the price of $84,000.

Harlequin teddy bear

This is the fourth most expensive collections of steiff teddy bears it is referred to the Harlequin teddy bear and retails at $75,826. This dates back to 1925 since its creation. Among the teddy bears, it is also counted as one of the most expensive baby toys available on the market today and we are proud to be one of the stockists. It bears grey and red strips on the body and has yellow paws. It was valued at between $80,000 and $130,000, but only $75,826 was realized during its auction.

Steiff teddy bear with hot water bottle

Last on the list of the most expensive and recommended steiff bears is the steiff teddy bear with hot water bottle. This one was priced at $30,000 but was initially expected to go at $50,000 during its auction at Christie’s international. Created in 1910, the bear was clad in a brown fur jacket with both ends laced up. Although the list is endless, you can now imagine how expensive a baby toy can be. However, if you are an enthusiast in this field, money shouldn’t be a problem here. What is more important is for you to get what makes you happy!